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    Shape Collage - A Simple and (Freeware) straightforward Collage Creator

    After looking for a simple way to bring a few pics together for display, (school homework) for the kids. I found this program which did a good job for free. the page in the link offers Win, Mac and Linux downloads:

    just in case you have wondered how to create photographs without individual frames around them.
    or how to change the colour from the default white frame.
    or for them to be completely frameless.

    Is there a way to do this?


    Yes. open shape collage and select a few pics and put them into the window on the left. on the far right is the three tabs. click appearance tab and look down to the slider.

    drag the slider to the left, until it shows 0.0% in the box. go to your chosen pics and drag them to the the central window and click the create button. no frames

    to change the frame colour click the white box near to the slider control and select a colour of your choice. click create.

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    I can definitely vouch that it's pretty cool for what it does. Had used it in the past, but it's been a while.

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