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    Changing the "Normal" file in Word 2013

    I have been wrestling with this problem now for quite some time, so now I am admitting my ignorance and coming to the experts for help. I have been unable to find the answer for quite some time now, but my wife wants me to remove the 8 pt default spacing built into the "Normal" template in MS Word 2013. It is just the way she does things, and I am unable to find proper directions for changing the default 8 pt to 0. Can some helpful soul out there kindly give me simple and step by step directions to make this happen in Word 2013 please?

    She is running on 64-bit Windows 7 (for now), if that fact has anything to do with anything. Thank you.

    David E. Cann

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    try this fix to help: from the article below, see the url.

    On the Home tab, click the Line and Paragraph Spacing button.

    Choose Line Spacing Options.

    In the Paragraph dialog box under Spacing, choose from the Line spacing dropdown menu to adjust the line spacing.

    Adjust the settings for Before and After if you want to change paragraph spacing.

    Click Set as Default.

    In the dialog box, click next to All documents based on the Normal template and click OK.

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