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    Novice building a home server

    Hi Forum Members,

    I am planning to build a home server setup to download and analyse satellite images using an automated piece of software. I also want to develop a social networking platform for people working in my field of research to share ideas, download data and stay in touch.

    Can anyone provide some guidance on what sort of issues I need to consider in buying server equipment? I will be buying second hand servers - probably Dell Poweredge - and think that 32GB RAM and ~ 1 TB hard drive is probably within my budget. I realise I will probably need to buy the hard drive separately.

    Just looking for some initial pointers before going in blind and spending money unnecessarily! I have intermediate level understanding of how PCs work and some basic programming skills in Python.

    Other points:
    - I get free electricity so drawing power is not an issue.
    - I've been looking at the Dell Poweredge CS24-NV7 and Dell Poweredge 1950; any suggestions?
    - I've been looking at a Hitachi Ultrastar hard drive for 40.
    - What other costs can I expect other than the server itself and the hard drive?

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    Since you want to have collaboration with others who are spread around geographically, you would probably be better served by setting up a cloud network. In this way, the cloud provider would do all of the heavy lifting.

    You may end up paying less this way than if you built and maintained the system yourself. You certainly would have less work to do, and you would have tech support assistance from the cloud provider.

    I've dealt with Rackspace before -- they hosted my email at one time. They are a cloud provider, and I was very impressed with the quality of customer service and their technical expertise.

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    Any of the Dell servers will do what you want, but so will a PC with a decent processor.
    The Dell servers are fussy about components and you probably can't just buy a disk and install it, but you can with a PC.
    Memory upgrades are always cheaper for PCs.
    Do you need the redundency of a server?
    Can you see a general thread in my answers...

    Setting up your own internet host is a security nightmare, so you may be better off paying a small amount for someone else to host the web site and upload the data from your server to it. Godaddy will host for less than $10 per month and there are plenty of others available.

    cheers, Paul

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