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    Question How fo fix sticking keys (keyboard)

    I have a Logitech G105 backlit keyboard. I spilled some pop on it and now have some keys that stick. If I type a semi-colon, I most of the time end up with several. The keys that stick are close together. The :;, {[, and " ' are the keys that stick (ignore the commas).


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    1. Pop the key caps off.
    2. Wash key caps with dish soap & water, rinse, dry thoroughly.
    3. Take Alcohol & cotton swab and clean around the key switches, allow to dry.
    4. Replace key caps.

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    If you're fearful of removing the caps and not being able to get them back on, wash the entire keyboard by
    submersing in warm soapy water for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
    The important thing will be to allow the keyboard to dry completely. works best if you live in a low humidity climate.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    Put the keyboard in a very low heat oven for 24 hours to dry it.

    cheers, Paul

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    Have you thought about just replacing the $60.00 keyboard instead of using all that time and effort to "maybe" unstick it.
    A lot of good advice on how to clean it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lumpy95
    Have you thought about just replacing the $60.00 keyboard instead of using all that time and effort to "maybe" unstick it.
    Good point, but I prefer to try the 'free' fix first, just in case.

    I live in an area with very hard water so, in addition to the soaking and agitation in warm, soapy water, I also rinse the keyboard twice - once under the tap then a second time using a 500 ml bottle of natural spring water to flush any potential limescale deposits.

    I have no idea whether this second step is important... but I have successfully resurrected 2 laptop keyboards from sugary drink spills for about 25p (about 36 cents US).

    Hope this helps...

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    Natural spring water (at least in the UK) is likely to contain dissolved minerals.
    To be really careful, you could use some de-ionised water such as is used for batteries (or at least used to be used).

    In my experience Dell keyboards are fairly easy to clean, by first undoing the 14-or-so screws from the underneath surface, and preserving them safely. The top half of the keyboard comes away from the bottom half, and as the meat in the sandwich is a plastic rubbery mat which acts as the springing - this mat can be washed. The top half of the keyboard contains no electronics, just keys which flop up and down, and so can be washed in warm soapy water, followed by clean cold water, then put in the airing cupboard for a day or two to dry out.

    Then reassemble.

    Your keyboard may be fairly similar.

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    I have dish washed many keyboards and never lost one yet. I add a teaspoon of dish washing detergent to the washer. I use hot water, but no drying heat.

    I let dry for four days, but two would probably do as long as you shaked the water out well first. I live in an arid environment. I don't see any need to cover ports. I do not wash keyboards if an LCD is present (rarely see these on a modern keyboard) and can't be removed. No problem with a wireless's solid state too. Backlighting I don't know about but doubt it is a problem.

    I don't know abut putting it in an oven. Putting it in a gas oven to let the pilot light lower the humidity sure--well taped up over controls to prevent someone preheating oven without looking inside. But on low heat I would be afraid of warpage.

    If desired, you can final rinse with distilled water to remove chlorination and any water salts.

    If desired, you can final rinse with alcohol to carry away any trapped water and dry it faster. Invisible blue flame fire hazard: Do outside and away from flame source.
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    I usually use compressed air (8CFM 15A single-phase electric compressor) to blow out any dust/fluff/particles from under the keys; often that is sufficient to deal with malfunctioning keys.

    In some cases, usually when some liquid has been spilt on the keyboard I have washed it using warm water w/ dishwashing liquid (same as you would use to wash dishes) and a soft paint brush but without immersing the keyboard. After washing with the dishwater I rinsed using a garden hose w/ a fine spray from the nozzle, hung up for an hour-or-so to allow water to drain away, then blow away any remaining water using compressed air, then hang the keyboard up in a suitable place for 12-24 hours to completely dry.
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    Where I worked they had to deal with this a lot. Mostly coffee and pop spills.

    They simply washed with hot soapy water, rinsed well and let dry for 3-4 days.

    Basically what several other posters stated. Just had to get mt 1 cents worth in.

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