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    Word 2010 loses focus and current search term

    I'm pretty sure this has only been happening since that boatload of updates last week.

    If I do something that takes focus from the main window - say Find & Replace (ctrl+H) or Spellcheck (F7) or Goto (Ctrl+G) - when I exit the dialogue the main Window looks like it has focus - ie the title bar changes its appearance but it doesn't have keyboard focus. And I have no idea what does have it.

    I can either click in the document to give it kb focus, or more conveniently for me, minimise/restore with Winkey+5, Winkey+5 (Word is the 5th item in the taskbar) that will put the insertion point where it should be - where it was before I went into the Replace/Spellcheck/Go to dialogue box! The Winkey+Tab also does the trick - unsurprisingly.

    As if that's not bad enough, Word 'mislays' its current search term, so Ctrl+PgDn and Ctrl+Pgup up don't do anything, I have to go into Find (Ctrl+F) to reinstate it, the minimise/restore trick doesn't fix this problem, I don't have to enter the search term again - it's sitting there, but I do have to do a Find Next!!

    I am not running any programs that I haven't been running for years. The only updates since the MS Updates were the Chrome and Firefox browsers, neither of which are running.

    You'd think by now Microdaft would know how to write AND TEST there own Windows applications. Due to combat injuries I find using a mouse difficult... more as time passes. I've been using PCs for my writing tasks since Xerox Star, always via the keyboard and without parking my left hand on the mouse as most people do! I often scoff at friends who still use Wordstar - but they do have a point.


    I disabled all 3rd party applications in the Startup and restarted - problem persists
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