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    A year ago, in a piece for the Windows Secrets Newsletter called "How To Defend Yourself From Ransomware," Susan Bradley mentioned an antivirus / antimalware application called SecureAPlus:


    Ms. Bradley said:

    "Iím currently testing a free application-whitelisting programóSecureAPlusóthatís specifically designed for home users. I have some initial reservations about this product; Iíve been unable to find much third-party information about the program or its publisher. But it does let me lock down my system so that only applications Iíve approved will run.......If I donít run across some glaring issue with this software, Iíll recommend it for enhancing home-PC security."

    Newsletter subscribers can read her entire column here:

    Issue 478 (23 April, 2015)

    Would love to know if Ms. Bradley came to any further conclusions about SecureAPlusóor if any of you have tried it and have thoughts about it? I've had it running it for a month now, and so far, no gripes. Following installation, there's an initial system scan that takes several hours to complete, but from that point on, the scans are startlingly fast: like, a minute or two.

    SecureAPlus uses twelve online antivirus engines to scan the computer at intervals set by the user, so it's light on system resources. It alerts you if it thinks you're about to run or download anything suspicious, and, like other applications of this kind, allows you to whitelist anything you know to be safe.

    The software has other features which users can fine-tune, but that's the gist. SecureAPlus is free for home use for the first year. After that, I don't know.

    By monitoring what you run and/or click, I would think the software offers some protection against ransomware, but am only guessing. Would like to hear what the company has to say.

    And again, if anyone here has tried SecureAPlus, a penny for your thoughts.


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