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Thread: Slow Windows 10

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    Exclamation Slow Windows 10

    Okay, all you smartypantses who rarely if ever respond from this illuminated forum. Here's your chance. I have read articles from the Microsoft community. I'm not the only one having problems with windows 10. No fix works. selecting Devices and Printers brings up a slow rendering search. All I want to do is go to the printer to check it out. It's a mystery to Microsoft evidently or their no longer at home. What are they doing with their time?

    By the way now when I remote from my laptop to my windows 10 computer that's another wait. So I go to the bathroom and by the time I get back I'm on or the window has closed itself. I'm impressed.

    Otherwise, I like windows 10. It has potential if the Microsoft techs will just show up for work.

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    Somewhere I read (it may have been on this forum) that for each good thing you may find in Windows 10, there are at least a half a dozen bad things. I personally wouldn't touch Win 10 with a 10 foot pole. I think the MS techs have been out to a very long liquid lunch.

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    Try using Settings | Devices | Printers & Scanners instead of Control Panel.

    BTW, your snarkiness is not a good way to get help. Perhaps you should give us more details such as which version of Win10 - Home or Pro, what build it is, how you are accessing the printer (wired or wireless), what Windows app - control panel or settings you are using to access the printer information. Us having to play 20 questions with you is not the optimal utilization of our time all of which is volunteered.

    Also, pay attention and post in the correct forum. That would help too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sussertown
    Okay, all you smartypantses who rarely if ever respond from this illuminated forum. Here's your chance.
    You've made 105 posts in the last 7 years since you joined and have only thanked 1 person in all that time for the help you have been offered. I suspect that may be the reason why this current post of yours has been viewed 40 times so far but only one person has offered advice.

    Why don't you help us to help you? Offer more info and be (much, much) nicer about it. Just a thought.

    Hope this helps...

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