What's the deal? Read the article below and please recommend if readers should disable UPnP. What are the advantages of keeping it?

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) contains a critical security flaw.
All experts agree on applying the Win XP / Win ME patch - it is essential. If you haven't patched your home computer yet, you should do so immediately. (Win 98 users, you are not affected *unless* you installed the Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing client (unlikely!))
As for keeping the UPnP service on... the FBI no longer recommends shutting it off, but why take the risk? UPnP does nothing useful for users at this time. There will surely be more flaws found. I recommend disabling UPnP until it has some utility, then revisit the issue. Articles are below if you want to read up before deciding.

Disagreement over UPnP

Differences of opinion are swirling over a potentially problematic Universal
Plug and Play service in Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. Some say the
feature should be disabled while others say the patch is sufficient.

Windows XP Security Alert Revised By FBI Agency

The FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center, which had advised
Windows XP users to consider disabling Universal Plug and Play service
to close a security hole, now says such a step may not be necessary.

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