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    Clipart (Win 98 Office 2000)

    Everytime I try to insert a clipart it comes up that it is unavailable and located on on a disk "O9PRMCD02"

    How do I alleviate this problem? What is this disk and why wasn't it part of the installation?

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    Re: Clipart (Win 98 Office 2000)

    This is Installation Disk 2 from Office 2000 Professional and Premium (they are identical) with Publisher, Small Business Tools and Clipart on it.
    If you do not have this disk (you run Standard version, for example), open any Office application (Word, Excel...) and from Tools menu, click Options, then File Locations tab. Highlight Clipart Pictures from File Types window and click Modyfy button. On the next screen, point it to Clipart folder on your hard drive ( C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeClipart by default) and click OK. For more clipart pictures, you can download them from Internet (More pictures... | From Internet on the Clipart dialog box, or from <A target="_blank" HREF=>Design Gallery Live</A> )

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