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    office 365/outlook 2013 distribution list members

    I have a number of distribution lists that have been around for a long time and I have been able to use them when mailing. I still can use them.

    I have just had reason to update one of them because an email address has changed and I find I cant double click on any of the names in the list - it brings up a dialogue "could not find nnnn. it may have been deleted or moved from its original location etc". This happend on every member in every list I have checked.

    If I create a new email and put one of these distribution lists in one of the recipient fields I can click the little plus sign and expand the list to all names. If I double click the dist list it opens the list, albeit in a new form; if I edit the list in that form it brings up the old-fashioned dist list members. from there I can add new members, I can delete members. but I cant double-click and open the contacts detailed record. Some of these many lists are quite long. Update does not find any records and clears the list.

    Can anybody please suggest how to regain the links without having to reconstruct all lists from scratch. I have also tried scanpst.exe.


    Mike C

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    It has always been my understanding that you cannot directly update an entry in a distribution list. You have to update the original entry in your address book, then delete the old entry from the distribution list and add the revised entry back in. Otherwise you could end up with the same person having a different email address (for example) in your main address book and in a distribution list.

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