Hi all,
Long time since I used your very good forum.
I have been very busy with my day job and partime pc repair and managing schools It.
I have a problem with a surface Rt2 tablet that I got from a school. the problem is this they videoed a debate it was a final and they won it. they tablet stopped working and they cannot access it.
they are anxious to retrieve the debate and give it to the parents of the children.
some background.
When the tablet is started it goes to a blue screen which says cannot start tablet need to repair and restart, it restarts and hangs on "Preparing automatic repair".

I have tried the following
Downloaded recovery usb software not successful.
Tried to enter bios also unsuccessful.
contacted Microsoft not helpful said to buy a replacement.
It is out of warranty by 80 days.
The data was not saved to one drive.
I was wondering has anybody come across this problem.

I hope I am in the right topic.
Thanks in advance