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    Error message, "This action won't work on multiple selections"

    I am having a strange issue with Excel 2016. Whenever I try to copy and paste cells from one workbook to another, I get the message “This action wont’ work on multiple selections”. This happens even one a single cell is selected for copy/paste (or cut/paste). On these problem files, I cannot even move my worksheets around, or add or delete worksheets (and no, the menu items are not greyed out; they just will not work). I think somehow the files got corrupted. The only workaround I found is to use the ‘clipboard’, which allows a pasting of values only (not formulas).

    Wondering if anyone has had the same experience, and if you found the cause and solution? An internet search reveals that many have seen this problem, with no good fixes posted. Few other pertinent facts:
    1. Neither the worksheet nor the workbook are protected
    2. There are several macro files running in the files. However, several other files with the exact same macros are working perfectly.

    Thanks much in advance.

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    Hi Satnair

    ..this sound like an Excel vba event routine that isn't expecting, or designed to deal with, multiple cells.
    For example, a 'change event' that is designed to work when a single cell is 'changed' might not be coded to cope when a block of cells are 'pasted' i.e. multiple cells changed at the same time.


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    This can happen if there are merge cells in the copy or merged cells in the area you are pasting to.


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