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    Windows Defender

    Here is an interesting article about Windows Defender,2817,1926596,00.asp It still needs improvements.

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    I'm nearly perfect, but..... I could still use some improvements! I can't play a piano, or fight a Bull, but I'm still a pretty good Computer Tech. So, just like I have my weak points and my strong points, so does Windows Defender.

    Pro's: It's FREE and comes already installed with every new version of Windows. It gets better and more user friendly with every new issue. And maybe best of all..... it doesn't load down your PC with needless apps, and never bugs you to BUY IT!

    Con's: Well, even MS has admitted it's not the strongest AV/AS program in the world.

    Being a Computer Tech and somewhat of a Security nut, I've tried almost every Major free AV program on the market, and I've found serious Negatives with every one, like constantly being bugged to buy the program and other offerings from the programs author. And having to be personally involved with updates. Many people just don't want to be bugged by that stuff.

    The last time AVG 2016 FREE popped up a request to do a major update, I found the Paid Version already pre-checked.
    Many of my customers found the same, and without thinking said "OK" and were stuck with a bill to pay for a paid version of the program. Then I have to go out and re-install the FREE version. What a pain in the pants.

    So I just UN-Installed AVG and re-enabled "Windows Defender". It works great and never bugs me for anything.
    It gets its updates and runs its scans, and it's all done quietly and invisibly.

    But, as I've been saying for years, there in NO ONE program that can or will protect your computer 100% and those that claim they can are just plain Lying!

    So for optimum protection, I run a whole battery of programs, with each one protecting one facet of my PC and OS.
    First in line, after Windows Defender, is 'Super Anti-Spyware FREE', which finds and removes both PUP's and Tracking Cookies. I've run it on customers PC's for the first time and had it find and delete 14,000 Tracking Cookies. Yikes!

    Then I use Malwarebytes 'Anti-Exploit, FREE'. And Zemana's 'Anti-Logger free', which automatically gets its own updates, and prevents any Key-Loggers from getting a foothold on my PC.
    Just two little programs to help protect me while I'm on the internet.

    Then finally, a little program that I've used for years, "Spyware Blaster", which works with my browsers to prevent spyware from ever getting on my PC in the first place. I manually update it once a week, as I check all my other programs for the latest updates.

    A few minutes a week to check on all my programs, is a small price to pay for the level of security that I get from them.

    Cheers Mates, Stay SAFE!

    The Doctor
    Experience is truly the best teacher.

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