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    Better local/cloud management for big data sets

    Field Notes

    Better local/cloud management for big data sets

    By Tracey Capen

    Local file placeholders, once a feature of OneDrive, will soon be added to Dropbox.

    But first, a Windows Secrets reader warns of a possible upsurge of phone-support scams.

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    This is something that MS really needs to deal with - sooner rather than later. They offer 1TB of storage with an Office 365 subscription which is great unless you only have a 500GB hard drive.

    One solution might be if it was possible to connect OneDrive to more than one drive. For example, put files you use a lot on a local drive but put long term storage files on an attached drive (USB or NAS). While this isn't possible, I've been able to place OneDrive on an SD card in a Surface so it might be possible to put it on a USB or NAS drive on a main computer and only sync certain directories on a portable.
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