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    Pale Moon update 26.2.2

    just got the Update to version 26.2.2.
    opt for 32bit or 64bit

    Pale Moon: Release notes
    26.2.2 & Android 25.9.2
    This is mainly a security update.

    • Added a detection routine for dark window colors on Windows 8 and later (system themes using dark window frames) to better adapt to dark system colors. Theme developers can take advantage of this by checking for dark window frame="true" on #main-window in CSS selectors.
    • CSS classes prefixed with "--" no longer stop parsing of the selectors.
    • Several crash fixes.
    Security fixes:
    • Made GC suppression more aggressive to prevent issues when actually out of memory.
    • Fixed a memory safety hazard in jpeg decoding.
    • Fixed a potentially exploitable crash when using bi-directional text.
    • Updated NSS to, fixing CVE-2016-1938 among other things.

    a smoother and snappier version of firefox, imo.
    add Ublock origin and lattitude and surf freely.
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