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    Using OneDrive to back up passwords

    can I set up RoboForm so that the data file is in my OneDrive folder ( "C:\Users\CWBillow\OneDrive\My RoboForm Data" ) syncs to the cloud and my RF is saving / storing / modifying items directly in the OneDrive data folder and therefore to the cloud simultaneously?

    I get that I am not really totally understanding OneDrive yet. I even confuse myself trying to explain my confusion!

    If I have a local folder, C:\Various, do I need to *move* it to the OneDrive folder in order to have the capability of syncing that folder -- then controlling whether that folder is actually synced (online and local) through my OneDrive online folder selection?

    Or can I select various folders on my drive, and NOT move or copy them to the OneDrive folder, and still have OneDrive able to sync them to the cloud?

    Chuck Billow
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    You are making this more complicated than it is.

    Whatever you put in the OneDrive directory on your computer will be synced to the cloud. Everything else is ignored.

    So, no, you cannot sync C:\Various to the cloud. But if you MOVE the Various folder into the OneDrive folder, then it will sync.

    Caveat: You can choose what folders within the OneDrive folder are synced and what aren't. The default is everything.
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