For those who may experience the following problem: I have Windows 10 fresh install though previously I had installed the upgrade (Pro version)
My computer has a 500GB SSD drive as its boot drive which loads windows etc in 14 seconds. Its been great.

However after running for some time without any problems I suddenly started getting crashes blue screens and after several restarts was able to enter Safe Mode and despite uninstalling suspect drivers and other software the problem kept recurring. Even after i installed Windows 10 again as a fresh install using version 1511 the problem returned. This has happened more times than i can recount and not without heartbreak as I use my computer for my work. I initially looked up the the 'Page fault in non-paged area' message on the internet and followed all the advice's given, to to no avail. Then i thought it was to do with a virus so I scanned my PC and found some spyware remnants. This was not the problem.

Eventually in the Windows Secrets newsletter i read about a utility called 'Who Crashed' which reported that my problem was caused by the built in Microsoft Anti Virus -Windows Defender. i couldn't believe that this could be true. However I disabled it and installed a third party AV and BEHOLD all is well. i cannot believe that the generic protection can cause so many problems. Since I installed another AV the machine has not crashed once. So if you are having similar issues and can get into Safe Mode then I advise that you disable Defender and get yourself a free AV to try out. You may be pleasantly surprised.