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    Win 10 pro 64 bit - double listing of drive E after use

    Have used USB shown as drive E . After its use next opening of drive E shows double listing . Both function Ok but how can I delist the unwanted entry ? Michael

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    Ah, the old double drive entry. I've had periodic trouble with these going back a long time.

    First suggestion is to Eject the USB drive and then re-insert it. Hopefully this will update the display.

    If that doesn't work, try to re-scan (refresh) the File/Windows Explorer display. You can try this both on just the troublesome USB drive and on the entire computer. [F5] is the keyboard shortcut for this function.

    Best guess, even if you manage to make the double listing go away, it will come back again. There is some bug in either the drive enumeration logic or the window display logic causing this. Until this bug is fixed the double entry will keep coming back.

    I learned to (reluctantly) accept such display bugs. As long as either drive entry works there is no functional downside to such a problem. It's a befuddling display issue and it shouldn't do that of course. However in the pantheon of bugs, and I've seen my share, this one is pretty minor.

    If you are determined to do something more than this, you could try reporting it to Microsoft. Or simply start searching the forums for Windows 10 errata, there are lots of those around. I'd bet a 10 spot that this bug will be fixed in the next few months no matter what you do.

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