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    Building Blocks / Word 2016

    In previous versions of Word, we have saved images -- firm logo, letterhead, etc. -- as Building Blocks. These images had had shape names applied to them, e.g. "BlueLogo" or that sort of thing. It's helpful when we have to find and remove an image. In Word 2016, the Building Blocks insert without the specific shape name -- the name is "Picture 1" or a similar random name.

    Does anyone have experience with this? How can this be avoided?

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    I can't address it specifically because I do not have Word 2016.

    I do not know of any significant changes to AutoText with Word 2016, though.

    Which specific prior version(s)? Word 2007? Word 2010? Word 2013? Word 2007 is slightly different in its handling of Building Blocks and AutoText.

    How did you attempt to Save the building block? Alt+F3?
    Which category?
    Which gallery?
    Did you assign a name rather than take the default?

    Automated Boilerplate in Microsoft Word

    Where to save Building Blocks.
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