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    Insider Preview build 10.0.14342.1004 released to FAST ring on 5/25

    UPDATE 5/25: We are releasing Build 14342.1004 today for Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. This build is exactly the same but with some additional fixes including a fix for the battery life issues we were seeing on some devices such as the Lumia 930, 929 and others which was also causing these devices to get hot.

    Announcing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14342

    This one made a HUGE difference to battery life and heat on my Lumia Icon (929).

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    14342.1004 made it to the slow ring tonight. The update just finished a few minutes ago. I'm hoping it will help the multi-tasking issues I've had. Posting a picture to facebook gets as far as asking to select a picture, then Edge opens and closes everything down back to the Start screen. Only a reboot would fix it.

    As for battery life, that didn't much seem to be affected with the previous build, but I did notice some warmth after extended use. No real heat issue, and my battery still lasted all day. I'll admit that I don't watch much video, so that might be one reason my battery life was still good.

    My alarms still work as they should. That's always a plus.
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