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    printing multiple files? (office 97/word)

    i am trying to print a list of files (.rtf files)... in a directory... (with word or wordpad)
    if i select more than 2 or 3 in windows explorer, and right click to print, it invariably misses at least 1 of them... i have tried from the command line: wordpad *.rtf /p
    but the wildcard fails....
    is there a command line switch or a way to call word to print these from a vbs script for instance to do this?

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    Re: printing multiple files? (office 97/word)

    Try to choose from pop-up menu Send To... Printers
    If you do not have this option, see this link:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=,24330,3305615,00.html>Windows Tip: Add Printers to Send To Menu</A>

    P.S.: If you use Windows NT/2000/XP, your SendTo folder is in
    Cocuments and Settings< your username >SendTo

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