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    Getting rid of the dross of windows 7 after upgrading to 10

    Is it possible to delete all of the windows 7 operating system components and all of the updates to windows 7 from a Macriums Reflect image of my hard drive that has been updated to Windows 10. This, so I can transfer the Macrium Reflect Image to a new Computer?

    Is it possible to install a copy of Windows 7 (W/serial number) on a new computer and then just transfer everything but the Operating system from Macrium Reflect? Then upgrade to Windows 10.

    A couple of explanatory notes: Donít think that I believe that I know a lot about how computers work, I donít and I donít. I got the new computer because the other (I hesitate to say old) computerís hard drive was getting loaded to the point of slowing thing down. I like to say that is why I had to get a new computer. Not true, I just wanted one. The dross on the HD was all of the old Windows 7 stuff that I donít think (but I am not sure) that I need. The difference between the cost of 50 gig SSHD and a 1 Terabyte SSHD is 3times.

    Notwithstanding that when you go on a trip you take just the things you think you will need. You donít take everything that you own. Carrying that stuff around will slow you down. Every time you start your computer you go on a trip. Please pardon the metaphor, I know it stinks.

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    The only left over dross will be programs you had on W7 and I'm sure you don't want to lose them.
    If you are happy to lose everything you have installed you can reset W10.

    If you have a valid W7 license you can just install W10 and enter the W7 license when prompted.

    cheers, Paul

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