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    Eero and internet wifi speed

    I learned of Eero via an online magazine, promoting faster speeds. There was actually an ad on this site.

    I want to determine whether there is any identifiable advantage. I purchased it this past Feb.. When I asked them about the difference between their speeds and other Internet speed calculations, they said....
    "The eero uses a different server then other speed tests. Our engineers have it set to a more strict server that grades the speeds differently to better understand whats going on inside the eero. That is why the speeds are different from our test and or any others. We wanted to give you the option to see what our engineers can see speed wise on your network in the app. Those are why you are seeing different numbers then expected. "

    Below are the numbers I've collected.....
    Not much change in speed via your Eero read
    Eero reads: 5/30/16 DL 85mps UpL 5mps
    4/10/16 DLoad 78 UpL 5.95
    3-20-16 DownL 85mbps UpL 5mbps
    Other tests ....
    Speedtest 5/31/16 DL 37.54mps UpL 6.23mps
    3/20/16 DownL 30.45mbps UpL 5.98mbps

    Speed of Me 5/31/16 DL 48.37 UpL 6.89
    3/20/16 DownL 33.92mbps UpL 6.51mbps

    Can anyone gather valid internet speed data from what I have here? Is there a more useful way to gather understandable data?

    Thanks for anything you come up with.
    Ray Davis

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    No matter how fast your WiFi is the internet connection will always be the slowest point, so there is no point in attempting to test speed via an external server.
    What you can do is copy data internally to see how fast the network runs.

    I wouldn't worry about internet speeds, just ensure your modem/router reports line speed as promised by your ISP.

    cheers, Paul

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