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    Excel 2013 - Conditional Formatting - Bug?


    It seems that I can't reply to a post that is 709 days old.
    Who would've thought!.
    Two years seem to have flashed by.

    So, I'll quote the original post here:

    And here's my reply:

    Hi Rocket
    I know this is a late answer, but the issue of disappearing 'applies-to' entries in the 'Conditional Formatting Rules Manager' is because you are probably looking at this workbook on a 'second' display screen.
    If you drag the workbook to your primary display screen, you will find that scrolling up and down the 'applies-to range' will work as normal. Drag the workbook to a secondary screen, and you get the disappearing entries again.
    This seems to be still an issue (tested on Excel versions up to 2016).


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