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    Unhappy Win10 upgrade will not download

    I've upgraded all of my computers, except my wife's business computer. I needed to make sure I knew what to expect before touching that critical computer. No problems with any of the others, but I cannot get my wife's computer to start the download. Please read what I've done before responding.

    • The computer is a Win7 Pro.
    • When I check the status of the upgrade through the upgrade icon, I'm informed that an upgrade has been reserved.
    • When I click Upgrade Now, I am supplied with a window informing me that my "download is starting". I have left this running for 24 hrs with no change. Network tab of the Task Manager shows no network activity.
    • I've scheduled the download to begin overnight, but there has been no indication this occurred in the morning.
    • When I open the Windows Update window, there is no indication of a Windows10 upgrade available.
    • I double-checked my WU settings to make sure they were set to Download and Automatically Install.
    • I have entered "wuauclt.exe /updatenow" into an elevated command prompt. No change in the Windows Update window.
    • I have rebooted several times while attempting the above--just to make sure.
    • I've installed all critical updates through Windows Update to prove that Windows Update is working properly and that other updates in the queue weren't somehow keeping the Win10 update from downloading.

    I am at my wits end. Does anyone have other solutions that I haven't tried.


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    Like several other folks in the Lounge, I suggest that you first create an image of your "business" computer's hard drive.
    Afterward, my advice is to create an installation flash drive (instead of waiting on an automatic update), navigate to the setup file on the flash drive and run it.
    Here's how to make such a flash drive using the Media Creation Tool. Click on "Download tool now".

    That's worked for me every time (so far), knock on wood, T'anks Gott.
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    A couple of possibilities: one is the requirement for the free version to have Win7 w/SP1 or Win8.1. Another is that the free upgrade is not available for the Enterprise versions of Windows.

    Personally, I have always gotten Win7 w/SP1 and Win8.1 fully up to date, ran the up-to-date antivirus and a antimalware/antispyware program to assure the computer is clean, haven't had but 1 failure/refusal out of more than a couple dozen I've done, that 1 failure was because of the video adapter in the Notebook so I'll just leave that with Win7 then probably move it to one of the more than about 250 'flavors' of Linux.

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