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    DRM, EPUB, and Google Play Books

    Recently, I downloaded the Hugo packet, which contains all the items nominated for this year's Hugo award.

    After extensive research, I was able to copy the EPub files to my LG3 tablet. The directions said to press the book and it would give me the option to add it to Google Play Books. However, it doesn't.

    I am thinking that the files contain DRM, which is why it doesn't work. So, I have two questions:

    How can I found out if the files have DRM?
    If they do, can anyone recommend an app to strip them? I have found quite a few online but I'm looking for an easy to use, safe one. (Although computer literate, the table confuses the H*** out of me)

    My alternative is to read the stuff in .pdf (ugh)

    Advice would be appreciated.

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    Sorry but circumventing DRM is illegal in the USA. We do not allow posts which break the law or tell someone how to break the law. We can't allow such a response to this request.

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