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    Search does not work

    A friend has told me that she can't find files on her Win7 machine with the Search box. She presses the Start (Windows) key, types something into the Search box, and hits Enter. Nothing returns. At least that's how I understand it. I'm not on-site, so I haven't seen this with my own eyes.

    She says she knows the file she's looking for is in the system, and she can locate it manually by going to her Documents folder in Windows (or File) Explorer, but the Search box can't seem to find anything. It used to work, she says, but Search seems to have gone blind. Sorry I can't give more details, but I'm working from four hours from the office location. Any ideas?

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    Perhaps she needs to rebuild the Index in Windows 7 search?

    (You might caution her that rebuilding the index may take hours! It might be best to leave it running overnight.)

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    Win 7 has its own troubleshooter for Search and Indexing.

    Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Troubleshooting then click on View all in the upper left pane where you can select Search and Indexing.

    Click on Advanced then on Run as administrator then on the next Advanced button for to repair auto.

    You'll eventually be presented with a number of repair options which will include for your problem.

    It also looks like MS has a Hotfix for this problem -
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