I am currently working in PowerPoint. I have a massive Excel file that I have created pivot charts and pivot tables in. From those Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts from EXCEL I have copied those "Linked" to the PowerPoint Presentation. Well the problem I am having now is that when I go to SELECT DATA and I view the "CHART DATA RANGE" the whole field is GREYED out under "SELECT DATA SOURCE" and it is not updatable. I believe this has something to do wtih the fact that it is linked to a pivot table and not the actual data set. Is there a quick way to resolve this??

Why do I need to update the data set? I am trying to format the charts to a new format and the only way I have found to do this is copy the slide I want to use as the example and then modify the data set that it is pointing to. If I just try to use format painter it is not updating the chart styles, ect. Any assistance would be great.