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    Problem with KB3159398 (MS16-072) - User GPO

    We normally auto-approve Microsoft security udpates. This morning went sideways because KB3159398 caused some of our User GPOs to not apply - resulting in removal of the items that these GPOs provide.

    Our discovery is that this KB caused User GPOs with Security Filtering for select staff to not apply.

    The resolution was to use WSUS to Approve the removal of this KB.

    Hopefully this post will save you time.

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    I'm sure this is a question that bewilders many users" It appears KB3159398 applies mostly, perhaps only, to work stations on a managed domain, wherein the IT manager sets the group policies based on his and his companies requirements. I haven't seen one post where an individual user on a home intranet has experienced the problems listed with this KB. Hopefully Susan (the warning but not the details were in her last column) or some other cognoscenti can make this clear. Should the average user on a home network refrain from installing this patch, or does it only affect large managed domains where the GPOs are set by a manager?

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