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    Office 365 will not install

    I was going to go into my Outlook 365 program and it would not start. I Googled for an answer and was told to right click the icon and "Repair." When I did, I was given two choices (1) Change and (2) Uninstall but not Repair. I clicked on (1) and it uninstalled everything in Office, Word, Outlook, etc. I went to my Microsoft Account and download Office 365 again. However, when I try to install it starts then after about 30 seconds give me an Error menu which tells me it could not continue. The Error Code: 30175-4 (19) is displayed. I've Googled that and tried all the instruction to make it work, but nothing does. I can use Microsoft Mail to receive and send mail, but I no longer have access to my Outlook database that contains my important business addresses. Microsoft Mail doesn't seem to contain a settings menu that will look for a database. I have Google mail, but I have the same problem with it, how do I merge the Outlook datagase or the iCloud database over? Can anyone walk me through it, IF there is a way?

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    Have you uninstalled Office completely and then tried the reinstall? See Uninstall Office 2016, Office 2013, or Office 365 from a PC.

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    Therr is a suggestion that 30175-4 is caused by an anti-virus program blocking the installation. Did you see that? It may be an idea to temporarily disable your anti-virus while doing the install.

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