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    Array Formula only returns value of first incident?

    I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I'm at a loss. The file in question is attached. I'm simply trying to return the values for the field identified as constructFK using an index from the table "Constructs", lookup values from the table "CellAssays" and lookup arrays in "Constructs". All I am seeing is the constructFK for the very first hit. Help greatly appreciated.

    Edit: And I'm already back having found the solution. I simply replaced the original array with the formula below and all is good:

    This was the original formula:

    {=INDEX(Constructs[ConstructPK],MATCH([Fusion Partner]&[Kinase]&[Allele],Constructs[Fusion Partner]&Constructs[Kinase]&Constructs[Allele],0))}

    And this is the corrected version:

    {=INDEX(Constructs[ConstructPK],MATCH(F2&G2&H2,Constructs[Fusion Partner]&Constructs[Kinase]&Constructs[Allele],0))}

    Clearly I still have something to learn about the behavior of tables. Sorry to have been a bother.
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    You can mark the solution solved by clicking on the Solved button at the bottom.

    cheers, Paul

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