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    Sharing a spreadsheet on a local area network?

    I wonder if anyone on this forum has any experience of shared working of a spreadsheet on a network.

    A small charity that I support has all it's membership data on a fairly complex 10MB Excel spreadsheet (they use Excel 2003). The spreadsheet uses macros, conditional formatting etc etc and works really well for what they need.

    However, they now need to expand and wonder if the spreadsheet can be shared via the office LAN so that one, or possibly two, more people can access the database - preferably not just in a read-only mode (ie so all 2, or 3, could update and modify the data).

    Can anyone please help me to find a way to do this? Is a later version of Excel needed or would one need to use a totally different spreadsheet (eg Google sheets)? If the latter, will one lose some of the existing functionality etc.

    I guess this is a 'classic' problem so hope someone will have some experience of how to best deal with it.

    Many thanks.

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    Go into Excel help and search on "Share Workbook". Everything you need to know will be explained very clearly.

    This sort of thing has been happening since way before Excel 2003, so I'm sure you will have no trouble doing this.

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    Sharing can lead to corruption issues so be sure to back it up daily.
    It's also worth checking the list of people using the workbook regularly to ensure there are no phantom users.

    cheers, Paul

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