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Thread: labels (N 6)

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    labels (N 6)

    ffinaly figured out how to post I think. I have office 97. How to I save labels. I lost my hard drive and used to have word perfect. I could set up a page of labels there and print them any time I wanted to. Now I have to redo them every time I want to print a page. I do a lot of labels, want to save them. Help.

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    Re: labels (N 6)

    You can create a page of blank labels, save it as a document, and then when you need that particular label type, call up the document and edit away. Of course, this works best with new input.

    Are you working with merge data?

    If you want to have a page of labels that you print all the time, you can create it once and then save it as a document.

    Hope this helps.

    SJ Miller

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