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    Looking for LARGE on-screen calendar that launches when Win10 boots and stays on screen

    I set up my mother-in-law, who has minimal Windows skills, with a Windows 10 system. She has macular degeneration, so her eyesight is poor. I am looking for a simple calendar app that:
    1. launches when Windows boots
    2. displays a large, easy-to-read calendar (its only function)
    3. is always available, either as wallpaper that changes automatically each month or is available by keystroke combination
    4. maybe, if possible, also displays the current time in a large visible font.

    Displaying the calendar (and time) is the only function she needs; she does not need to make appointments. Is there anything like this available?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    Starting with just the calendar, is the built-in W10 calendar not OK? I don't use an MSA (Microsoft Account), just a local account, yet I can open the Windows Calendar and, using the 'hamburger ' icon at top left, 'expand' the calendar to full screen. Even without an MSA I can create and amend new events.

    Click to enlarge

    The calendar doesn't show the time unfortunately but it may be possible to add this functionality as an overlay.

    Hope this helps...
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    Start the Calendar App, and get her set up first. Then, in the run window (windows key + R) type shell:startup and click OK. This will open the startup folder. Open a new text file by right-clicking, and selecting New -> Text Document, and paste this into it.
    start outlookcal:
    Save this as "calendar.cmd" with the quotes. If you do not put the quotes in it will save it as a text file, and you do not want that. Now, every time the computer starts the calendar app will start up also.

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