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    Woman wins $10,000 judgment against Microsoft for forced Windows 10 upgrade

    Maybe class action is in the making ?

    The Seattle Times reports that Teri Goldstein, of Sausalito, California, sued Microsoft after a failed Windows 10 upgrade left her system performing poorly, prone to crashing, and reportedly unusable for multiple days


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    Quote Originally Posted by davidhk
    Maybe class action is in the making ?
    The Windows 10 EULA, which you are assumed to have accepted before upgrading (yes, I know... how can you accept it if, for example, you were asleep when it automatically upgraded), specifically prohibits class actions. Just saying...
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    1- Unfortunately I haven't seen anything to substantiate the Seattle Times article. If true, it could open the flood gates of class action lawsuits and lawyers will be foaming at the mouth.
    2- From many many forums there are a LOT of claims that an unattended W10 upgrade went through without EULA acceptance, but there again, it's those people's word just as it was Teri Goldstein's word that she didn't "Authorize" the upgrade.
    3- I have a hard time feeling sorry for MS after the aggressive, and somewhat sneaky way they went about things ( especially this year ) whether W10 is a great OS or not.
    4- I have W10 on an HP laptop and it seems fine to me, but the other computers in the house will stay W7 until W10 "Ages" a bit.

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    Some of the scuttlebutt indicates W10 upgrade was recently much more opt-out rather than opt-in; if the recent process was more or less automatic, then if the end-user was not present to opt-out, then the process merely and merrily continued.
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