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    Insider preview Build 14366 ISO available

    For Insider Preview Build members who rely on Microsoft to provide them the iso files, build 14366 ISO is now available.

    Side notes :
    1. There is an entry under Edition ..... Windows 10 Insider Preview Home China.
    Wonder what it contains. In Chinese language exclusively, somewhat similar to Single Language option ?

    2. The link also include build 14342 ISO file downloads.

    3. I always find it very hard to understand the reason why MS is so late releasing the preview build iso files ?
    People using insider preview builds are supposedly those who want to test out new features. They are supposed to be relatively capable to deal with bugs. In fact they would welcome the chance to catch bugs.
    With that supposition, would those people opt to stay in Slow ring and let builds 14367, 14371 and 14372 pass by ?
    I don't think they would. They would have installed the newest build as soon as it was released.
    Furthermore, no intention to patronize, I would assume that vast majority of insiders know how to convert esd to iso manually when each new build is released.

    So, isn't the release of 14366 iso at this time rendered it out of date and irrelevant ?

    Yes, I do realize that there are many "regular" users who want to try out the insider program. They might not be as well versed as others.

    My point is : why so late releasing the insider build iso file ?
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    Update :

    Apparently Microsoft has taken down the link.
    In light of its out-datedness, might as well.

    Correction : The link is back on.
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