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    Any way to preserve ability to free update to Windows 10 after July?

    I have searched several of the 22 returned search pages to find this, but there is so much Windows 10 stuff...

    Can anyone point me to an article that describes how to preserve ability to update to Windows 10 still free after July? I assume it would involve doing the upgrade, getting the new key, then rolling back...but I'd like to see a clear description of all that needs to be done.

    I really don't want to make the move right now, but after some time it will probably become necessary, so I'd like to preserve that option.

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    1. Create image of present build using something like Macrium Reflect Free, AOMEI Backupper Free, etc. and store (external HDD, network, etc.)
    2. Download the Windows 10 ISO using the Media Creation Tool and create either a DVD or USB (preferable) installer. See How to Download a Windows 10 ISO File for more info.
    3. Follow steps 4 to 6 inclusive in this article to save a GenuineTicket.xml file with the current Windows activation details.
    4. Boot your device from the Windows 10 media you created in step 2 and install Windows 10.
    5. Follow steps 8 to 11 inclusive in the same article as above to copy the GenuineTicket.xml file you created earlier to Windows 10.
    6. If not already, connect to the Internet so Windows 10 is activated and your 'Digital Entitlement' is stored on MS' activation servers then disconnect.
    7. Create image of new activated Windows 10 build and store (external HDD, network, etc.)
    8. Restore image of previous Windows install.

    Hope this helps...

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