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    Thunderbird junk mail controls stopped working when mail is received

    While I try to figure out what's happened to my Mozilla Support account, I'll post the question here. As of about last Friday (today is Wednesday) the junk mail controls in Thunderbird are no longer working at the time messages are received. Classifying them myself as junk works fine, but that's a lot of messages to process every day when I fire up the program. The last program update was the end of May (we're now in July), so it's pretty safe to rule that out as a cause.

    I don't find any settings that would turn junk processing off globally, but this is not working on any of my 18 email accounts. The individual accounts are all configured correctly.

    I'm completely at a loss. Any ideas?

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    Any recent add-ons, extensions, plugins -- just before last Friday?
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