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    Symantec - the popular computer protector - may actually help hackers, feds warn

    But the program has so many critical holes -- which could let hackers into computers -- that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a stern warning to the public this week.
    On Tuesday, the law enforcement agency issued an alert that "all Symantec and Norton branded antivirus products" could allow hackers "to take control" of a computer.
    It's a widespread problem.

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    Hopefully the hackers will be free of viri and malware.
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    The recent upgrade to v22.7.0.76 caused BSODs for some - I did have a BSOD but don't think it was Norton related -

    BlueScreenView gave mine as fvevol.sys and while that is supposed to be linked to Bitlocker Encryption which I don't use, I did see during my Google search that it could also relate to USB ports/drivers.

    This could fit my problem more as I'm no longer able to create a system image onto my external HDDs - keep getting volsnap Event ID 14 on both laptops with two Seagate HDDs.

    Got one machine in PC World looking into that.

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