Hey Y'all,

The other day while trying to find out what a .md file was (FYI: markdown) I came across this useful, not to mention free, program called PanDoc which converts documents from one format to another. It supported .md files as well as .docx so I says this is just what I was looking for. Well it works quite well but remembering and entering the parameters was a bit of a pain so I, of course, immediately thought of PowerShell.

So for those who are interested here's a PowerShell GUI front-end for PanDoc. Note I did not include all of the formats PanDoc supports but only that subset I thought would be useful. That said you can easily fix that situation in your copy as will be clearly obvious when you look at the code.

Convert-UsingPanDoc.ps1 Zip File: Convert-UsingPandoc.zip

Note the program will convert all the files in a single directory of the selected type.

User Interface GUI:

If you're interested here's the files I was initially trying to convert: PowerShell Practice And Style Guide

PanDoc is also useful for converting web (HTML) documentation to .docx (so I can edit and add to it and read it offline).
Just save the web page as HTML and run it through.