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    Iomega CDR/W / IRQ 11 Conflict

    After toiling for hours and hours (days and days) with both Iomega and Dell's technical support departments, it was discovered that what was causing the CDR/W / Internal CD-ROM drive conflicts was the fact that the wrong driver was being used for the CDR/W. Now that the correct driver has been installed, there's another issue - - a conflict involving IRQ 11.

    Naturally, Iomega and Dell were dodging the bullet regarding helping me to shift around the IRQ's that some IRQ-11 devices are using. Iomega is telling me that the CDR/W can share IRQ 11 with other devices, and Dell is telling me that the drive is probably hogging it up for itself.

    Here is a list of what's using IRQ 11 in my laptop
    (which is a Dell Inspiron 3800, PIII/600 with 128mb RAM and approximately 250-300 mb of available space)

    1. Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller (USB Controller)
    2. Texas Instruments PCI-1225 CardBus Controller (I "think" it's for my network card)
    3. Texas Instruments PCI-1225 CardBus Controller (ditto)
    4. Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100 (My network card)
    5. RAGE MOBILITY-M1 AGP 2X (English) (My Video)
    6. IRQ Holder for PCI Steering (unsure)
    7. IRQ Holder for PCI Steering (ditto)

    One last thing. The Dell tech admitted to me that he has seen the Iomega CDR/W drive run off of IRQ 3, although he was strictly forbidden to walk me through the process of changing the IRQ assigned to a device. Another computer support person at the company I work for also doesn't want to go near this situation (he told me that it can be a sticky pain to deal with).

    What, if anything , can I do to get this "Name Brand" CDR/W drive to work with this "Name Brand" laptop without causing me endless grief?

    Thank you most sincerely,
    Steve Weber

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    Re: Iomega CDR/W / IRQ 11 Conflict

    Hi Steve
    There are two approaches you can take, though from the details you give, you appear to be using Windows 2000, and therefore the PCI steering should take care of the IRQ allocations. This means instead of using IRQs your system will actually be using INT#.

    1. Boot into Safe Mode and from Device manager make certain you are not loading multiple examples of your devices and their drivers. (If you are, remove all examples and re-boot). If not, choose the CD Drive that is causing you the grief, select Properties and so on until you get to the box with 'Automatic Settings'. Uncheck it and choose to alter the IRQ. Select a number until you get the 'No Conflict' message. Reboot. If no joy, set everything back to square one.

    2. Power off and remove all cards. Replace in PCI slots different from before and reboot. Windows will reallocate IRQs and may settle on a combination that works. On my system, the only use IRQ11 is being put to is for the Video card.


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