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    Shortcut & Hotkey problems w desktop icons

    So, I don't know if this issue is specific to Windows 7, but not sure where else to post it.

    I recently noticed that at least 3 shortcuts disappeared from my desktop (there are about 50). They were not placed each other so I'm not sure why those 3, or when or how. I did not find them in the recycle bin.

    So, I recreated them. One had a hotkey sequence assigned to it. I cannot re-assign this hotkey sequence. When I press the keys, the window blinks, looses focus, and no error message is displayed. Pressing this hotkey to see if it does something results in nothing apparent happening.

    There is another shortcut with a hotkey that did not disappear. That hotkey works just fine.

    I want to re-assign the hotkey to the re-created shortcut. Anyone have experience or a good thought about this?

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    Merely a thought. You should have a minimum of 3 different desktops under the 3 generic Users--your User, the Default User and the Public User. See if you can find the missing icons in one of the other desktops, perhaps moving or copying them to your User might resolve this.

    Another option is to go back to a Restore Point before the problem happened, or restore a disk image, if you wouldn't lose too much work.

    Are you using any 3rd party desktop or icon management software like Fences? Uninstalling that might help.
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