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    Any other social media tools for promoting a business' site?

    Hi, everyone. I just started helping my nephew in his Photography business. I think, he needs help to get leads. He has only a few followers. He only use Facebook and twitter to promote his business. I just thought, he must do other things in terms of marketing his services online. Any idea on how can I assist him to improve his rankings online? Any other social medial tool to promote his site?
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    For an image business like photography, the main generic social sites to look at are Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr. Dashboards like Hootsuite and Sprout Social can automate some of the grunt work.

    Is this mostly a local business [weddings etc] or an online global one? If it's local, you have to get into the local-focused directories and search engines. Global is going to be very tough to crack, so I suggest trying to spin local angles to start.

    Don't go crazy trying to cover lots of promo outlets. After an initial trial period with those you fancy, focus on a small few which you are confident you can keep going long term. You won't get much traction for months, until people get a feel that you might be around for a while. Of course, you must play by the 'rules' of the audience, only promoting where expected.

    Look for local tie-ins. Say it's weddings--offer to take photos for local bridal boutiques, flower shops etc in exchange for mentions on their sites and shops. Try crazy stuff, a cat & dog wedding, underwater divers' wedding--whatever might go viral or get local media coverage from social media posts.

    Offer a free monthly photography 'How-to' at the local community place in return for mentions in their newsletters, flyers on their boards etc, while gaining rep as an expert plus future customers from the classes.

    A bit more info re target customers, what country the business is in, and the scope might be useful to spark some more contributions.
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