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    How to format mail merge hh:mm to time digital format

    Hello Word experts,

    I'm using MS Word 2016 and am working with merge fields that display time duration i.e. 3:30, meaning three hours and thirty minutes duration on a work related job.

    I need to multiply this in Word, i.e. 3 x 3:30

    However it seems I need to convert 3:30 to 3.5 hours so I can do the math.

    Ultimately I'd like 3:30 converted to 3.5

    Or should I convert 3:30 to 210 minutes and then multiply?

    Basically there are three workers that worked on a job for 3 1/2 hours. I need to know the total hours worked on the job for billing 10.5 hours to the customer

    I guess i'd be using the SUM ABOVE/BELOW/LEFT etc to do the calculation (see attachment)

    Is there an equation to do this?

    Thank You,
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    Here's how to do it in VBA.


    You just need to incorporate your fields into the calculation and return the result. This may be best accomplished in the source data for the merge operation.

    Option Explicit
    Sub Test()
      Dim tBase As Date
      Dim tTotal As Date
      tBase = TimeValue("3:30")
      tTotal = tBase * 3
      MsgBox "The total time is: " & _
             Format(tTotal, "hh:mm"), _
             vbOKOnly + vbInformation, _
             "Total Job Time"
    End Sub
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