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    Word Vba to copy files from old to new directory with deletion of headers & Footers

    Is it possible to prepare a VBA macro in word 2007 to make a new dir and copy all doc/docx files from another dir/sub dir , remove all headers and footers and convert all doc files ( if any) to docx

    If anyone can provide me a vba script it will be great.

    Thank You!!!

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    The simplest solution is to copy the documents to the new folder then use which will convert the documents to DOCX, and, as a separate process, you could then use it with the following custom process to remove the headerfooters

    Function DelHeaderFooters(oDoc As Document) As Boolean
    Dim oSection As Section
    Dim oHeader As HeaderFooter
    Dim oFooter As HeaderFooter
        On Error GoTo err_handler
        For Each oSection In oDoc.Sections
            For Each oHeader In oSection.Headers
                If oHeader.Exists Then oHeader.Range.Delete
            Next oHeader
            For Each oFooter In oSection.Footers
                If oFooter.Exists Then oFooter.Range.Delete
            Next oFooter
        Next oSection
        DelHeaderFooters = True
        Exit Function
        DelHeaderFooters = False
        Resume lbl_Exit
    End Function
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