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    Windows Live Mail calendar stopped syncing with

    I've noticed that my WLM 2012 calendar no longer syncs to the online version that I see at

    I don't believe my account has been transitioned to the new server there yet, because it still shows in the web interface (the new server is supposed to show Outlook Mail, I believe, above the Inbox).

    I don't believe that WLM has ever installed the patch I've read about on another thread here, or even been offered it to my knowledge. Is that patch still problematic, and does anyone think it might help this issue?

    My email access still works fine with WLM. I do have POP access turned on in web options, (though not being used by WLM) and I figured when the day came that the email stopped working, I would switch over to POP access, but that day has not come yet.

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