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    Win 10 and using a tv as a monitor

    I tried to update to win10 the other day, but the pretest of my system told me win 10 could not be installed because the monitor was not supported.I have used a tv monitor for years and have been through numerous windows upgrades with no problems. Looks like I will have to borrow a monitor to trick win 10 into upgrading.

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    I recently upgraded 8.1 Pro with a Vizio 32" LED TV connected via HDMI without difficulty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pegasus9 View Post
    ...the pretest of my system told me win 10 could not be installed because the monitor was not supported...
    It is very unlikely that Win10 would not support your TV as a monitor; you have probably misunderstood the message about what was "not supported".

    It is far more likely that the "not supported" component is your computer's "Video Graphics Adapter" (VGA, AKA "display adapter" or "Video card" or "display card" etc.).

    Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System then click on "Device Manager" (in the left panel) to open the "Device Manager" dialog. In "Device Manager" expand the "Display adapters" category then take note of the name of the device and re-post to tell us the name.


    Is the computer a laptop or a desktop? How old is it? Win7 SP1 or Win8.1?
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    I recently upgraded my x64 desktop with two standard TVs as monitors from Win7 Pro to Win10 Pro without a problem.

    Coochin is almost definitely right, it's your video adapter. Go to the adapter maker's website and see if there's an updated driver available. If yes, after imaging your system drive, install the new driver and see what Win10 thinks then.
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