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    Access 2013 - need help transferring before update event in form to its subform version

    Hello folks,

    New member, first post.

    I have created a macro in my access 2013 form before update event to log the last touch user and last touch date if a record is edited and saved. This is done successfully when it is a form.

    When I use that form as a subform, it loses its ability to do this function and I can see no option in creating a before event macro for a subform, and it apparently does not transfer its before update ability to the subform version.

    Any advice on how to fix this?

    Appreciate the help and advice.

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    The Before Update event is part of the form itself, and should operate whether the form is opened directly or as a subform. There are no events on a subform control (other than Enter/Exit).
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