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    Unhappy Win10 upgrade failure

    i started upgrading my Win7 desktop to W10 last night. When it was about 10 percent done by midnight I turned in. This morning the machine had shut down so I assumed the job was completed. I turned on the machine and waited during a very slow boot process -- about two minutes, I'd say. That led to a blue screen saying "Welcome to Windows 10" with an Owner icon, a smaller "I'm not the owner" icon, and a Next button. I haven't been able to proceed beyond that point. I did manage to restart the machine two or three times, to no effect.

    Have not been able to find anything at the Microsoft help site that describes this situation, so I'm stumped about what to do next. Your suggestions, anybody?

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    It sounds like you are between a rock and a hard place.

    Can you create a Win 10 ISO USB or DVD on another machine ?

    You can use the MCT but the usual website to find it on doesn't seem to want to load in my Win 10/IE 11, but if you can get this web page to open, you will see the link for it lower down.

    You can then use Windows USB/DVD Burner Tool to create the bootable media of your choice.

    I'm not sure if your DVD drive will work just yet as I got a download for that after the upgrade, but while the machine is up, stick in whichever media you are using then restart the machine to see if you get the setup.exe to run.
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