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    Mailmerge a Document to separate emails with document as attachment

    Can someone perhaps assist with a tutorial or how-to for my scenario:

    I have a list of people who attended an event. This list is in Excel format, and includes Name, Surname and email address

    I need to send attendance certificates to these people - the Certificate has been drafted in Word.

    Mail Merge can generate a Mailmerge PDF file with ALL the people's certifcates, but as a single PDF (I would use a Print to function with PDF Printer).
    It can also generate individual Word Files, or individual emails with the content of the Word Certificate as the body of the email, but no attachment.

    How can I:
    Use the Excel List with a Word Certificate and MailMerge to:
    • Generate an individual PDF Certificate for each person on the list
    • Create an individual email for each person
    • Attach the correct PDF to the person's Email
    • Add in a short message such as "Here's your Certificate from this event"
    • Send it out through Outlook

    I would be very impressed if someone can tell me how to do this easily........

    Thanks in advance.............!

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    See . In one to one mode you can merge Excel data with your certificate to individual PDF as an attachment (with a personalised e-mail too if you wish).
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